Hot summer or heat wave background, orange sky with clouds and glowing sun

The sun has arrived

A new day to play

Morning is here

Joyfully I am ALIVE, I have arrived

Not to survive

So cast all doubt aside

To play and thrive

Morning, Morning is here!

My heart is all aglow

It’s beats in tune

With Divine flow

Morning brings another day 

To listen to God’s whispering 

In my ear……

Melodies of Harmony and peace

No need to worry cause this morning I get be an instrument of grace   sowing seeds of kindness to all I meet..

Knowing Gloriously Graciously my freedom is never wavering 

Cause I don’t need no saving

Basking in the newness of Morning I got wings to fly!

With a glad heart on bended knee

Beside my bed I pray

Today, I will meet all my sisters and brothers with my heart wide opened

Cause I do not know how their day is going… 

Pray Tell! Pray Tell! I affirm for them as I do for myself,

That all goes well…

 When the day has ended,

Morning has turned the tide with the setting of the sun

I say Thank you Creator

 allow me to see Tomorrow

 For then another morning morning has come

 Ase , Ase, !

Morning morning! 

A new day dawning

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