Courtesy of SouLah the Legend

If a room full of people were looking at the above object, depending on where they were standing in the room, they’d each see something different. If asked individually what the object is, some would say a blue circle, others would say a green triangle, and others would say an orange square. They would all be correct—to some degree. Each person would be sharing an accurate account of what they see from their perspective.

If each person was asked separately, there would be no one to challenge their perspective. They would believe their answer is the correct one with confidence. But if you asked them as a group, they would all begin to shout out different answers. More than likely, they would quarrel. Some would doubt what they see with their own eyes. Others would mock those who saw differently, and some would ask questions to find out why they had different answers.

The powerful thing about this illustration is that no one would be entirely wrong, or entirely right, and this is so often the case in life. We are neither right nor wrong about many matters of life; we are simply limited in our perspective.  If all the participants who looked at the object were to change positions and look at it from different angles, they’d see what the other participants saw. They would then realize they were missing dimensional perspective.

Often what we see is incomplete. We see only part of a whole and think we know it all. We see through only our flat perception but miss the additional perspectives that would enable us to clearly identify the many dimensions of life’s circumstances. Always remember that there is a difference between:

  • knowing and understanding,
  • partial and complete,
  • sight and insight,
  • knowledge and wisdom 
  • FACT and TRUTH!

Something may be an accurate fact, but not the whole truth. The only way we can see the whole truth is through varying perspectives. We need to be open to hearing from another’s point of view and be willing to embrace it. We may not always agree, but at least we will be able to see the entire scope.  If I can change your perspective, I can change how you see things and trigger you to think differently. If I can change how you think, I can help you change your life for the better!  

I am SouLah the Legend,


speaking the universal language of the soul…

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