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Author: Neima Abdulahi (11Alive), Ciara Bri’d Frisbie

ATLANTA — Antonio Lewis takes pride in being a product of Atlanta. As an accomplished Atlanta city council member, he said his success results from hard work and dedication.

But growing up, he said, life handed him hard times from a young age. 

“I’m a perfect example of that. When I was two years old, my mother was shot over 30 times in this city, murdered in Dixie Hill [community],” he describes. 

Lewis said it’s a privilege to serve, to be seen as an example of success – from being a youth to speaking at city hall. 

He didn’t have the privilege of a normal childhood, from household dynamics, but he found different avenues to put money in his pocket. 

“Growing up, I sold peanut brittle. I remember going to different malls across the city. I remember going to different retail stores,” Lewis said. 

As the city-wide initiative provides resources,  Lewis said a helping hand can create the right mindset. 

“Young people from this city have seen every type of success in every shade of people so they know they can be anything,” he said. 

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