Love is thee glue!

Glorious love undeniably everlasting essence of Grace and Beauty

Love is thee glue!

You got your cue

It’s nothing new

Love flowers through you

As the hug you give to you

Give love to others, put your arms around them

To calm their nerves pacifying whims

Love is thee Glue!

All we need is LOVE …

No need for division

No need for political agenda ..

polarized Ideology which feeds external power and promote separation

Cause We love all of our Sisters and Brothers

No need to inspect or doubt our genealogy

Love is thee Glue !

All we need is LOVE …

Not waiting for anyone to figure it out

Cause in me

my heart is ticking with each beat in tune with God’s Love

Come over here cause the Table is SPREAD

Feast of Love is going on

Not waiting for your approval of my role

Cause I am listening

guided by the Divine..

I am wonderfully created and Whole by design..

Love is thee Glue!

All we need is LOVE!…

Gas prices rising like Mama’s dough for Parker house rolls or like the yeast in sourdough Bread

Groceries in the Super marketplace skyrocketing prices

Seem like somebody playing craps rolling the dices

No worry, no fretting cause Spirit got my Back

Cause I am worthy of the best life has to offer

no time to mourn , groan ,horde or complain nor take God’s name in vain

Love is thee Glue !

All we need is LOVE…

War in Ukraine, Oh what a disturbing disgrace

Killing of the innocent , knowing no creed nor color nor race

Hey y’all stop believing the Media which show only fears displayed in all forms of distortion and illusion

reenforcing only Fears..”False Evidence appearing Real. “  This certainly is not let’s make a Deal!

In the midst of it all

Push your reset button in the center of your palms ..

Breathing deeper and slowly

flowing in and through you..

Oh, what peace and calm !

Breathe, Be, let it be.. Feel

feelings with compassion for another’s Pain

Everything Dissolving like the fizz of an

Alka-Seltzer tablets In glass of sparkling water

Remembering who created every human

Who gave you breath?

Who allows you  the activity of your limbs?

Who kept blood running warm in your veins?

Who gave eyes to see a new day dawning?

Stand in the Center of the Holy Circle surrounded by twelve archangels of the Heavenly host ..

My child

Allowing God’s Grace and Love to keep you sane , willing, and able

Sit on a fallen log

 Look up at the cathedral of the Sky

Remembering the Spirit sits high looks low

As Above so Below

You are a luminous golden being of God’s Light and Love ..

So today with a glad heart of Gratitude

We Bow our head to our heart

Thank you Master Creator for giving me love

I now give your love away.

Love is thee Glue

I pour from my Heart

My Love for you and all of Humanity!

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