Jordan Peele And Daniel Kaluuya’s Irreverent Comedy ‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul” Premieres Everywhere, Sept. 2

(Los Angeles, CA – 8.22.22) – Move over Florida and James, Martin and Gina, Trinitie and Lee-Curtis are Hollywood’s new ‘Funniest Black Couple.’ Sterling K. Brown (This Is us) and Regina Hall (“Girl’s Trip”) star in “Honk For Jesus. Save You Soul,” premiering in theaters and streaming on Peacock, Sept. 2.

At first glance the two don’t seem like a natural fit to play megachurch holy rollers but Hall and Brown’s chemistry transform run-of-the-mill promotional clips and trailers for “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul’ into pure comedy gold.

Is Brown the straight man and Hall the comic in this double act or vice versa? In the scenes released by Peacock it is hard to tell, which makes the film a more tempting offer for audiences.

The first lady of a Southern Baptist megachurch, Trinitie Childs (Hall), and her husband Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Brown) served a congregation in the tens of thousands until a scandal forced their church to temporarily close. Trinitie and Lee-Curtis must reopen their church and rebuild their congregation to turn their setback into a setup for the biggest comeback in Christendom.

Giving fans a behind-the-scene peak into on set shenanigans, Brown shared a story during an interview with SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight about Hall’s sex scene wardrobe malfunction he failed to notice:

“We were in bed together. I hope I can tell this story, please God… let me say this right,” Brown says. “There was a love scene that was supposed to transpire. She has on a nightgown and under the nightgown actresses normally wear like the bandaids to cover themselves up, right? At one point during the scene, her breast fell out of the thing. I did not notice that her breast [came out] cause I’m focused on this sitch… I’m a professional.”

After the scene, Hall noticed her breast was fully exposed. Brown continues, “Finish with the scene, she looks down and she says almost verbatim, ‘Did you

see my tittie out?'” Brown deadpans. “And I said, ‘What?’ And she’s like, ‘You didn’t even notice it,’ and [she] was offended… with the fact that I did not notice that her tittie had been exposed.”

Moviegoers are sure to notice that Hall and Brown are more than mere contenders for the title of Hollywood Best Black Couple, they may make a serious claim for greatest of all time with, “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.” The satirical comedy could prove to be the inspiration for future projects and pairings.

Executive produced by Jordan Peele for Monkeypaw, and produced by Daniel Kaluuya through his production company 59% with Amanda Crichlow, “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul” is also produced by Adamma Ebo, Adanne Ebo, Pinky Promise’s Jessamine Burgum and Matthew Cooper, Rowan Riley, Kara Durrett, Hall and Brown.

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