Your child’s journey is just beginning. Here’s what your child needs for the road into career life.

Graduation: It’s a time for new beginnings and progress toward greater independence. But that doesn’t mean your child doesn’t need any help along the way. Post-graduation life can be daunting for young adults as they barrel headfirst into their careers with a growing set of responsibilities. Here’s what your child needs for the road ahead.

A Special Celebration

Graduation is a rite of passage for the ambitious young adult, and it should be treated as such. The value of marking the occasion is not to be underestimated: not only can you treat your child to a fun, well-deserved celebration, but you can also take the opportunity to begin addressing your child as the promising, career-bound individual that they are. Your child’s graduation is the beginning of a new chapter in life; a well-planned celebration will highlight the shift, and make the time in your child’s life all the more memorable.

A Listening Ear

Some job markets are highly competitive. While this is great motivation for your child to pick up new skills and develop existing ones, the unfortunate result is that some professions are more difficult to break into than others. Your child may face challenges relevant to a high barrier of entry into their chosen field such as unanswered applications and unpaid internships. During periods where your child endures these hurdles, it’s helpful to be compassionate, lend a listening ear, and offer heartfelt encouragement. Attempting to launch a career is stressful, so your support will mean the world to your new-grad.

An Open Mind

A recent survey by The Intelligent, reported by Bloomberg, found that “more than half of graduates over the age of 25 don’t work in their field of study.” The sheer prevalence of college grads working outside of their field of study suggests that it’s best to anticipate possible changes as to where your child’s career path leads. Perhaps your child grows passionate toward an outlet and wants to pursue it persistently. Or, your child finds a wonderful professional position unrelated to her major. Whichever way your child decides, an open mind will help you cultivate your child’s evolving aspirations.

An Investment

Your child may find a nest egg of great benefit, but money isn’t the only kind of investment you can make toward your child’s future. Teaching about savings and financial literacy is an impactful method of steering your child toward building wealth. Working with your child to form healthy habits and routines will give a major boost to well-being. And being a good example that instills values will help your child become his best self.

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