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St. Louis is buzzing about the sudden resignation of the Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.In St. Louis City and St. Louis county, the DA’s respectively called the Circuit Attorney, and Prosecuting attorney-who name is Wesley Bell.

A district attorney is also referred to as a public prosecutor, state’s attorney, or prosecuting attorney. So in St. Louis, MO metro, the two powerful black DA’s are called something else, yet they hold a very noted position.

The resignation was spearheaded adamantly for weeks by the MO Attorney General Andrew Bailey. Bailey had taken over after former Attorney General Eric Schmidt moved on to the Senate. And this black woman was no longer doing her job, so he felt.

Eric Schmidt also berated the new mayor of St. Louis, Tishaura Jones constantly on Twitter. She didn’t dressed professionally, or she handled crime and Covid-19 in St. Louis poorly, during the tenure of the pandemic.

In addition to that, his successor, Bailey is carrying on his own throat choking at St. Louis. He wanted Kim Gardner out as the city’s Circuit Attorney.

As a result without me going into much melee about it, around this afternoon in Missouri, Kim retributed her job to the city, as if she did something wrong. In my opinion, I felt maybe there is something she felt needed to happen.

Dismally, she really didn’t get the full support needed to hold it all together. She didn’t have the support of the TOP BRASS in the city, nor did she get any support from her office.

Because they all never showed up in court to prosecute cases, resulting in contempt. And some just walked off the job. Leaving the judicial system wondering about crucial cases.

Who does that, when crime is running rampant in St. Louis and St. Louis County as a whole?And don’t get me started on FBI bogus per capita rate. When something happens in St. Louis County, guess what? St. Louis City is always the factor of the obloquy.

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