Nicholas Buamah/Facebook

At the tender age of 12, Nicholas Buamah, who first gained widespread recognition through his appearance on the ‘Steve Harvey Show’ at just 8 years old, has now etched his name as one of the youngest TV executive producers in the industry. This young prodigy, renowned for his literary prowess with three bestselling books and his philanthropic efforts providing healthcare insurance for over 3,500 children in Ghana, is expanding his horizons to family-friendly television.  Nicholas, the epitome of youthful ambition and social responsibility, is set to debut his own TV show, ‘Nick’s House,’ on Thanksgiving Day. 

In addition, this endeavor positions him as one of the youngest individuals to executive produce a TV episodic, a testament to his extraordinary talents and commitment to making a positive impact.  While collaborating with industry veterans such as Hollywood heavyweight director LaMont Ferrell, assistant director Reshaun Jones, and producer Toiya Tillman, Nicholas successfully gathered a team of professionals to produce the pilot episode of ‘Nick’s House.’ And sharing the screen with his friends Janae Madison, Seree’ Abellard, Cavanaugh Bell, and Bailey Love, this young mogul is on a mission to showcase black children in a positive light, promoting black excellence.  

Furthermore, to fund the production, Nicholas has initiated a merchandise line and launched a GoFundMe campaign, urging the community to support his vision. With dreams of filming at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, his hometown, Nicholas’s ‘Nick’s House’ will be available for streaming on MotherHubbard.TV and YouTube on Thanksgiving Day, offering viewers worldwide a chance to witness the talents of this remarkable 12-year-old and his diverse cast. Additionally, Nicholas invites parents to submit acting reels for their children, creating an inclusive platform for future episodes of this family-friendly sitcom.

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