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Who or what is the NFL protecting?

 However, Dan Snyder as a part of the “punishment” was supposed to quarantine away from team operations. He then was to put in charge during this time away, someone totally disconnected to him and able to give the team some distance from the past right? 

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The Narrative Matters

Here We Go Around the Maypole Part 2

The highlight of the festival day, the girls gathered around the May Pole, each one of us holding a streamer. We skipped and sang joyfully, while running  in circles around the  May Pole wrapping it from top to bottom as our parents and the neighbors watched. It was so much fun! I do not remember any boys participating in this activity. and a lot of them thought it was a girl thing. When we were done, we ate cake, ice cream and drank Kool-Aid. The sugar put us on hyper inner ride to some place that we did not even understand. We did know that it was one of the few times that we could eat  as much as we wanted.

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The Soulful Poet Dr. Yemaja Jubilee: Here We Go Around the Maypole Part 1

A great majority of the women were, when I lived there , from1950- 1979, were  called ”housewives”  In spring, work life was all about cleaning, planting tobacco, vegetable, and flowers gardens.  Springtime, awaken all the residents, both young and old  of  the community, and its intoxicating  energy  gifted them joy and blissful living.

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The Children are Our Future

Ana-Isabel holds the distinction of being the first grandchild in her familial clan. She also holds the distinction and honor of being the eldest to her tribal cousins. A role she takes very seriously.
Inktoberan, an online challenge within the art community inspired her to enter her drawing entitled ‘Poisonous’ her take on the sugar addiction epidemic sweeping her communities.

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Getting Pass the Incarceration and Back on the Outside: Allies or Adversaries

One has become accustomed to making certain decisions without asking you for your input or opinions, because quite frankly, there weren’t relevant to the right now situation. When a person returned to that same place, its not personally, nor is it cruel or revengeful from the other parent, this is the activities that have taken place, since you left.

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