Father knows and shows that sometime his Spirit and his soul would break if he does not adhere and allow the tears to roll down his cheeks … It’s no disgrace to weep to release…
These things could only be known and seen thru you as A Noble Black Woman ordered and Ordained by God who reigns Supreme..
Yes, I am aware that we have already celebrated Mother’s Day, however, there is one thing that I know for sure. As I am writing this, there are at least 235 days left in the year. 
 From the motion, heart sensed movement, swaying and dancing of our dark beautiful chocolate bodies, and the taste of salty beads of sweat, we became one with the beat in a dance of freedom and innate oneness with spirit.
You motivate me to be a better man, to be a better person, to be a better Christian.
Those lines were used for certain characters to refer to finding balance in all areas of daily living to avoid boredom. Most people, whether real or fictional at times, have to be reminded by a friend or an acquaintance that they either work too much and do not play enough.
GAP is often defined as a break, a hole, an opening between two objects; or, you can have a break in continuity and understanding: a hole in a fence. During 1960s and 1970s, this term was used by POP Culture to denote an older generation who did not understand the actions and behaviors of the younger generation - “The Generation GAP.”
SYBD Sit your Butt Down Sitting to align Seated, I observe the thoughts that go flowing by, in the synchronized synergies of my brain, like billowing soft white clouds in a clear blue sky.
Even Death has become the gateway or portal to higher elevation. Many beings of all races and ethnicity, young and old as well as Twix, Twain and in between, have crossed the moral threshold to leave the planet and return to their Maker.
Her misogyny though, epitomized her hatred of women. She was not the only woman I have known that served me their internalized hatred of themselves because they were assigned female at birth. She thought I was too controlling. The truth is I could not be controlled.
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