To Purse or Not to Purse, What’s the Answer, Man?

"He ought to be ashamed walking around with that purse on his shoulders."

First published June 11, 2021

The first thing that you hear on the streets is this: “He ought to be ashamed walking around with that purse on his shoulders.”

“He must be gay or something? He doesn’t look gay though, I just saw one of the Lakers’ players with the same bag and I know he is married.”

So,let’s clear one thing that has been floating around on social media, men do not need to be carrying purses. But they are not purses and men have to stay organized, as well as women.

There are so many myths going around that having a man bag/purse is a gay trend. However, the fashionable male, whether he is football great, Cam Newton or basketball great, LeBron James, they all like to have access to play books, phones, tablets, medication and other bulky items.

Photo by The Newsletter 05

You can hit the mall, walk the streets, or be standing in the subway and men are toting male purses, if you will. From the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or even Coach, men are making a statement on staying organized.

In addition, with Covid-19 keeping us more contained to cleanliness, we need to tote hand sanitizer, masks, and bacteria wipes. And if course, you can’t put all of these things in your pockets.

Sure, you can get a big, bulky backpack, but for what? You are not going to school; you might be on a date with your lady or heading to the barbershop.

A man purse is nothing for women to panic about. The men are not trying to take over your little “neccessity.” They just want to stay organized and have everything they need within reach.

A typical man bag (purse) can include:

contact lenses solution

extra cell phone


power bank


IPad or Tablet

small laptop


eyeglass case





Photo by The Newsletter 05

There are a rash of young teen males, as well as young adult males, toting man purses, and they don’t seem to be intimidated. And there is no end in sight to this latest fashionable manly facilitation.

This summer if you see a man toting a fashionable bag across his shoulders, there is no cause for alarm. Let him be great. Just like a woman, a man has to stay organized.

If you are looking to buy a man bag, Amazon has the best selections. And even the online commerce giant, Amazon, knows what a man purse really is, like the Peak Gear Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack and Day bag shown in the stock photo, for just $20.

Photo by Amazon Prime

Enjoy your bags, guys, and tote your style your way!

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