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Gates (February 16, 2023) reports on Dr. Russell “R.J.” Ledet, M.D., Ph.D. MBA  has been matched into a Triple Board Residency to the Indiana University School of Medicine program. This prestigious and rigorous program encompasses training in” pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry”. Dr. Ledet is married to his wife of 18 years and has two beautiful daughters. 

Gates (February 16, 2023) also reveals that “He holds six degrees including a Ph.D. in molecular oncology, a master’s in business administration (MBA) and an M.D. He’s also a veteran of the United States Navy, trained in military intelligence and cryptology, who was selected to serve in the Ceremonial Guard in Washington, D.C.”

Dr. Ledet aims to inspire Black youth and ignite cultural transformation. BOTWC Staff (August 27, 2020) reports that after graduating high school, Ledet served in the Navy for two years before returning to his native Louisiana. While in college at Southern University, Ledet worked security at Baton Rouge General Medical Center. He used his position as a security guard to make friends with many doctors, eventually reaching out to several to mentor him. The power of relationships and networking occurs in every discipline and endeavor.

Dr. Ledet is the president and co-founder of the nonprofit “15 Whitecoats,” dedicated to reducing barriers for students of color applying to medical schools. Gates also points out that Dr “R.J.” has had “numerous appearances in national media including People Magazine, NPR, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, The Steve Harvey Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show and Good Morning America.” 

His goal is to inspire more young Black youth to pursue medicine. Dr. Ledet believes that he can relate to his patients and them. Understanding families with difficulty obtaining medical care based on his personal experiences allows him to empathize and sympathize with those needing a helping hand.

Time is fleeting, and today’s youth will be tomorrow’s professionals. Therefore, young people have to be continually inspired. However, Dr. RJ Ledet shows that we are forever students.  Even after obtaining the other degrees and having a family, he still pursued another life ambition. This article hopes to inspire everyone, young and older, male and female, and those that may have been discouraged at some point in their lives not to give up hope. Aim high in 2023!

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