Carlita Vasser is the CEO/Director of Nursing for an in home care agency called ‘At Home Care.’ Having been in the nursing/home care field for so many years, I can say that is a huge accomplishment.

As we all get older, people that are disabled, elderly or chronically ill are optioning to be at home, instead of a sometimes plighted nursing home or long term care facility. While other sick person have no other choice, due to family’s entailment.

A graduate of Webster University, St Louis, Vasser has been in the health care field for over 25 years and counting. I truly believe the best person to run an agency is a person with experience in the field.

From my knowledge, I have noticed most agencies were mainly ran by corporate, not an experience nurse. Sure they throw a nurse in to handle marketing,staffing and training.

But it is always great to have the nurse as the head huncho. See for yourself.

At Home Care is a comprehensive in-home care agency that offers a combination of home care and community-based services. At Home Care provides home care services to 65 counties in Missouri from its 4 offices. Through her expertise in home care, At Home Care works to keep disabled and or seniors living at home with independence by aiding in basic need assistance.

Moreover, we need more persons like Carlita to bring back the sustainability in nursing. It seems as if it has lost it way.

Since Covid-19, and I am hoping it won’t get worse. A lot of nursing homes just didn’t know how to prepare for the pandemic.

Leaving the families who do come to visit their loved ones, scrambling to take them home. This truly was the case for my frail relative, who had to get an extra plate at the dinner table.

To learn more about Carlita’s company just click the link above.

For questions, referrals or a free in-home consultation, please call us at (314) 739-2100.

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