In the last blog, I pointed out the Top 2 black female comic strip illustrators. Whether they are working on a local newspaper, online magazine or for a major comic publication.

It was once unheard of a woman, yet a black woman being an illustrator of anything. But times have changed and these women are making big strides and helping those who follow them along the path.

We left you with Alitha and Bianca, now let’s head to the next 3-10 of the poll. Afua Richardson, stands at no. 3, and she is lauded as a woman of many talents. She was born and raised in New York to a scientist family.

She had taught herself how to draw. Having been one of a few black female artists, she also worked for Marvel and DC comics.

Most recently, on the set of Sci-fi TV show Lovecraft Country, she did the artwork for the fictional comic Orithyia Blue.

Lovecraft Country | Illustrating for TV Masterclass with Afua Richardson

Our no. 4 Top 10 best female illustrator is Shannon Wright. She is a cartoonist and illustrator best known for her positive and realistic portrayal of the Black community within her work. Although she faced a few obstacles in her life, she has become a well celebrated artist and has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian and BBC to name a few.


Courtesy of Shannon Wright/Graphic novel Twins

Finally, we close out with the last of the Top 5. Christina “Steenz” Steward, is a cartoonist and editor born in Detroit, Michigan, currently living in St. Louis, Missouri.Steenz attended Maryville University and studied studio art with a focus on illustration. But Steenz left as a junior and worked as a comic book store manager at the Eisner-winning Star Clipper Comics in St. Louis until its closing in 2015.

Courtesy of Steenz The Heart of the City

After the New Year’s Eve holiday, we will complete the next Top 6-10 for your enjoyment.

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