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When we started The Narrative Matters in the early summer of 2021. We did not have any idea of what to expect, what would matter or what voice would be heard.

However, what we did expect was some great content and reaching those who wanted it. The Narrative matters is so grateful to have over 20 talented journalists, bloggers and seasoned writers on our staff.

Our editors are also there to make sure the contents are clean and fresh for our subscribers. Moreover, we use the top insight analytic reporting to keep up with our good and bad contents. That is why we are here to thank you all for such a good quarter of the year.

Just last month, The Narrative Matters calculated over 500,000 views as we headed into the holidays. And since we are almost at the end of the year, the numbers will and indeed have dropped off.

No worries, that is expected and we are learning new tools as we speak. Some in the Top list have been in the list for a long time and may have been recently gotten viewed. Yet the new ones in the list may still be getting viewed and trending.

Some of the Top blogs of 2021 (To view the Top 6 just click link)

1.Taking a look at The National Museum of African American Music in Nashville (one of the first blogs)

2. Panels Introduction Watch the 2021 MMCA Media Summit (series)

3. Travis Scott Speaks out in first interview since Astroworld catastrophe

4. Philanthropist Chistopher “Play” Martin teaches us How to rise above with success

5. The Shocking Murder of Jacqueline Avant Suspect Arrested

6. Negro League Baseball Players get added to the National baseball Hall of Fame

7. This Thanksgiving Dump the Chitterlings and Start a new Menu

8. Talent Corner: A quick rap Session with the award winning prolific talent Biship

9. COVID The road of a long Hauler Part 7 (series)

10. Dr Lance McCarthy making a stop in St Louis for Thanksgiving to talk fashions

11. Boxing news: One of the modern day 4 Kings loses his crown

12. NBA Minutes: Top 3 Pointer Shooters of all time behind Stephen Curry

13. Tell me the truth: Will RGlll new book add more fuel to the NFL’s Fire?

14. The NFL has flipped some games schedules due to Covid-19 Billowing again

15. It’s Time for Rob’s Christmas Wishes in Sports for 2022

16. NBA Minutes: Kyrie Irving Set to return to the Nets

17. Is there a such thing as Black Twitter when it comes to superstar Lizzo?

18. Be a tourist at home: Stop in at the last Hotel in St Louis for brunch and more

19. Bringing the narratives to the table Blacks are making a difference in blogging

20. This Halloween let’s take a look at a horror of a flick Blacula

With almost 2,000 stories posted, it was hard to narrow it down by 10 % and we want to thank all our contributors as we move into 2022.

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2021: Nominee for Best Fiction Author New Orleans, Best Director of US Selected at Mumbai India Film Festival, Executive Blogger, Interim Editor, Digital Manager for The Narrative Matters

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