There are many organizations in the world that fight for the rights of minorities. Still, there is none as effective and persistent as The Black Youth Project. The BYP is an African American youth organization in the United States which focuses on community organizing, voter mobilization, and other social justice campaigns focused on black, feminist, and queer issues. 

In addition, The Black Youth Project started in 2004, as a national research project examining the attitudes, resources, and culture of African American youth from the ages of 15 to 25.

Exploring how these factors influence the decision-making and behavior of black youth. One important part of their agenda is to build Black futures. 

The lead person of The Black Youth Project, Professor Cathy Cohen, decided to make an online hub where scholars, educators, community activists, and youth allies could access the study’s research summaries and resources concerning the empowerment of black youth. Many community leaders are starting to visit The BYP  as the go-to source for understanding millennials.

The Black Youth Project’s website is a resource center committed to enriching the lives of black youth. Visitors can access research summaries, read blogs about and by black youth,  access black youth social justice organizations, and download social justice curriculum to teach.  

The purpose of this organization is to generate new media information, blogs, art, conversations, webinars, and data that will expand the human and social capital of young African Americans, highlighting their voices and experiences.  It’s a space on the Internet where black youth can speak for themselves about the issues that concern them. 

The BYP believes that it is imperative to increase the cultural grounding, academic excellence, and social responsibility of the black youth and  looks forward to the continued success of the project.

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