It has been just over two weeks since a torrential rain swept into the St Louis area. TA weather event that caused damages and condemnation in the millions, maybe billions.

Many storm drains and tributaries around the river city were overwhelmed causing floods in the county of St Louis.

University City, one of St Louis’ largest suburban areas, was hit the hardest. Just a few weeks ago, I had gotten the chance to speak with residents on the eastern end of town.

Yesterday, as I drove down Grant, Richard and Archer’s streets respectively, I noticed business was not as usual. Surely the trash can were being emptied but not the flood damaged items.

I spoke with an elder resident and she declined to go on record. But she did state that she was sick of the pile up of furniture, electronics and toys.

As well as, damaged water soaked and molded mattresses and bedding within her perimeter.

She also stated she can’t sleep at night. Due to scavengers and junk men picking through the trash making a lot of noises. She guessed they were looking for something worth savaging or hoping to rob someone.

With FEMA coming out and talking to many residents of University City, and the condemning of many homes. It looks like things may be moving slowly but surely progressing.

But the woman that I’d spoken with said just please say a prayer for us. And I assured her that I would.

Moreover, I reached out to University City’s Refuse department and then noticed on the website all the information that the residents should be aware of. In addition, how do you get this information to the elders that do not have Internet?

Last, I am hoping that this helps someone and maybe they can pass it along to their neighbors. This was posted on the website, and it is maybe the reason why some items are still sitting on the curb side.

August 10, 2022 8:00 AM

Flood Bulk Pick Up Happening: Residential Properties

Please set your items out to the front curb of your property for collection. This collection is taking a lot longer than the normal bulk pick up.

Because the City has not regulated the amount of items a homeowner can put out to the front curb.

Due to the landfill regulations, we are not allowed to take electronics or hazardous waste.

With the extremely massive amounts of damaged items placed out at the curb it is taking the Sanitation Staff extra time to handle the items appropriately and effectively for the safety of our residents, staff and whole community.

The Public Works Department is asking for your patience on getting to all the items placed out for this special collection picked up.

If your items are set out after the truck has been through your street/area, the Sanitation Division will make a second pass through the city and that is when you will have your items picked up.

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