St Louis is a city famous for monuments, memorials and first. Admittedly, city is first in booze, some foods, and shoes.
Home of the fabulous famous World Fair of 1904, at Forest Park. So famous, that they’d made a movie about it: Meet Me in St Louis.

And let’s not forget about the world famous Gateway Arch. Remarkably, the tall shining stainless steel giant that greets visitors heading west into the city.

St Louis has its shares of up and down, what city doesn’t. The city it is climbing upward, with cranes rising from downtown all the way to its western suburban county seat Clayton, MO.

It would be impossible to list all of the favorite eateries in The Gateway to the West. St Louis has so many great places to chow at but we will just mention one for this blog.

So, we have The Last Hotel downtown St Louis in the Washington Garment district and is worth checking out. It is located in the beautiful historic gem International Shoe company building is the Last Hotel.

If you go outside to the back, you will find the quirky critically acclaimed City Museum connected next to it.
So, on any given Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 1pm, you will find the cook preparing a scrumptious brunch below. Those who wants more don’t you worry because the bar is open daily and dinner starts at 5pm.

The hand grinded chicken sausage and bacon to die for. Photo by The Newsletter 05


Egg Plate


Steak and Eggs

Brioche French toast

 Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast Tacos

Chicken wings

Chicken Caesar salad


Breakfast sandwich- My favorite: Bacon, sausages of your choice, eggs and a hefty portion of potatoes on English muffin.

Brunch classic

Brunch comeback 

More on The Last Hotel:

Located at 1422 Washington Ave, minutes from The Union Station. Additionally, you may also want to book a room for the night. In the summer, the rooftop pool is a must-attend.

Lastly, I sat down with one of the chefs, Diane and she stated that they grind their own sausages. They even cut up their own pigs and cows, and cure them to organic freshness.

So click here to learn more about what St Louis has to offer.
In the meantime, consider staying, playing, drinking and eating brunch or dinner at the beautiful Last Hotel in St Louis, MO.

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