This holiday season, make sure you hit Spotify, Youtube, Itune, Amazon Music and others. And get your sack full of great streaming music from the talented Independent artists from all over. I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented gay artist from Macon, GA, and he wanted his voice to be heard as well.

I want you to enjoy the interview and then afterward, check out his video.

Hey Calel how are you?

I am so very blessed, and I am happy that The Narrative Matters picked me for a feature.

What is your stage name?

My name is Calel Sousurvivor

Where are you from?

I am from Macon, GA, but I was born in New Jersey.

How old are you?

I am 34-years-old

How long have you been performing and audience are you targeting?

Since I was 9 years old. Anybody who was told that what they do they will never be authentic

Lets talk about music, what do you do? And name some of your songs?

Rap harmonize write in 4 different genres beginning level in audio engineer beat making and producer. Dripping Drip, Never Letting Go, and Help me Cassandra

Is there any unity amongst other artists in Macon?

Yes, there isYes LoCCish Lyfestyle Camp Dark And Family Tree

Do you have any videos out, and who do you use to film them?

Yes, in a matter of fact I do. I can send it with this interview. Da Chosen 1 outta of Milledgeville

As an out gay man, do you find it harder to be a performer?

Yes, the hype about not being real or real enough because I sold to most gays. And they not looking for gays when questioning hood brothers’ resumes.

Are you involved with anyone? And do they support your music?

Yes, kind of. I dedicate a lot of time to my craft and that interferes with QT

If you had the opportunity, would you collab with Lil Nas X?

Yes sir, no doubt. The guy is a marketing genius.

Do you think he is a bit extra and using the LGBTQ moniker to market his brand?

Yes, because they set the trap with Boosie, and he fell for it.

Lastly, if you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?

 It’s actually a few because I want to do a BlaCC Gay Pride Tour called LGBTQ BLACC FIRE

Thanks for your time, The Narrative Matters is always looking to network with the artists. Good luck on all your endeavors.

I want to thank you for having me.

Video by Calel

Never Lettin’ Go Courtesy of Calel
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