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When my aunt died month ago, I was shattered into a million pieces. One reason I was so hurt and grieved stricken; due to not seeing her in years, since 2017.

My dearly beloved late aunt lived in the south and my busy lifestyle only afforded me the chance to chat with her over the phone.Then once she took ill, I had to rely on her children to keep me posted on her prognosis.

A long story short, I missed her funeral, and due to Covid-19, it was understandable but not an excuse. I just hate attending funerals, funerals now a days are more of an entertainment rather than home goings.

Now that my nephew, my grand mom’s oldest great-grand son is deceased, due to a long illness, I have to now think, will I be traveling to Wisconsin to help bury him? I am not big on funerals, but sometimes you have to get up and go pay your last respect.

As the weather changes, more and more people are dying for some reason or another. Whether it is Covid-19, or a long standing illness, funerals are a big part of us., One day we will be dead and here goes life.

Funeral as circus:

People attend funerals just to catch up with those they haven’t seen, or just to see who all is there. Most people want to just watch what is going on; who is crying the most; who is making a scene or maybe who is not there that should be. I have seen some crazy home goings circuses if you will, that should not even be, but people have their own ways of sending loved ones off.

When preparing for an out of town funeral this fall as the coronavirus surges on, can be a task within itself. You have to ponder, should I go get the vaccination, go get tested or invest in the latest facial mask?

Those that are vaccinated should not let their guards down, and should always consider wearing a mask. Those who are not vaccinated, should get the shot, but if not, they most definitely should wear mask at all times.

Whether driving upstate, south or across the country, you should be prepared what life obstacles. However, if it is a short distance,a nd you prefer to take Grey hound, they have some deals worth checking out.

With free wifi, leg room and individual power outlets, you can’t go wrong on Greyhound, click link to see more.

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If you are renting a car there are many rental places available to suit your needs. My best advice is to call immediately to book in advance to get the best vehicle. These days if you are not using a credit card, you will have a tough time trying to secure a good car at the last minute.

Now, you can’t plan a trip without getting some apparel to wear for the journey. Even with attending funerals, you need to make sure you have clothes for the repast and other gatherings.

Macy’s is currently celebrating Latinos & Hispanic owned businesses, and is having a sale this week. So, it is best to hop on over there and grab something to wear without breaking the bank.

When traveling, you will need some extra cash, just in case. Most banks charge fees if you dip into your savings too excessively,when you need emergency money. So, my best advice is to go into the bank and draw out some money, rather than online or any other ATM.

The security of your home is always a concern, especially when you have to jump up and leave for a funeral. So, always get someone you can trust to come in, turn on the lights, water the plants or feed the cat.

As I close out, make sure you stop telling people on social media you are going out of town. This is for those who home is not secured and have vultures just waiting around just to smash and grab.

Other things to do and recaps:

Stop by the pharmacy to get your medication

Consider a vaccination

Let family or a close ally know you are leaving town

Send flowers to the funeral home in advance

Catch some last minute sales

Make sure you have masks

Make sure you have hand sanitizer

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