This is a very exciting Black History month 2022. There are so many positive impacts being made in the communities of colors.

A lot of big companies and Foundations are finally recognizing the narratives of diversity and are digging in their pockets to invest. The philanthropist Richard King Mellon Foundation of Pittsburgh is always giving a lucrative hand to others.

Danola Idowu, and his young son Wole Idowu, are the recipients of a huge investment from the Richard Mellon Foundation. The black entrepreneurs are making waves with their Ed-tech startup company Toyz Electronics.

Toyz Electronics

The company was founded to help the under-served and disadvantaged kids reach their full potentials by overcoming everyday obstacles that hinder their educational path. It also creates new trails to sustainable creative software, manufacturing hardware, and entrepreneurship careers.

The key

Give the disadvantaged students the power to engage in an equitable meta-verse economy. At the same time, it also gives them the opportunity to control their lives.

The dad

Danola is an innovator, author, journalist, engineer and more. He has over 25 years of activity in the hip hop community.

Danola has commercialized and distributed millions of copies of multi-media products that he had created. He has pioneered the intersection of hip hop and comic books with Da-Great Deity Dah.

Leading up to Toyz Electronics, he facilitated the diversification of underserved communities into computer related Steam Jobs.

The son

Wole, in his 20’s, is a college genius, graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical Computer Engineering. He founded a student organization, and became Intel #HackHarassment  Ambassador.

He founded Toyz Electronics on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, as an official start up in the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurs. Wole is also a former EA Sports Employee and current Software Engineer.

The video provided below is an Inspirational Dah-Varsity Video Game and Advanced Manufacturing to get students into making, selling, and telling stories of superhero versions of themselves becoming TOYZ-MAKERS.

Finally, from Damola: “As we celebrate Black History Month, the historical significance of the Mellon Family investing in the Idowu Family does not evade me,” expressed CEO Damola Idowu. “I am inspired by Booker T. Washington, who received funding from Andrew Carnegie and endowed Tuskegee and Hampton Universities to train former slaves to capture the opportunity of the industrial revolution. This investment allows us to empower disadvantaged populations to upskill for the future of work by using our Dah-Varsity App, our Superhero Rap concept, and culturally relevant TOYZSTEAM curriculum to make emerging economies, such as the metaverse, more equitable for everybody.” 

More information from Richard King Mellon Foundation by clicking here.

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