For a film that is clearly only heading to episode 3, there are some that think it is not idiomatic for TV.

The critics are having mixed reviews with ABC’s 6-part mini-series featuring the events surrounding the death of Emmett Till’s. Some say that the story really doesn’t truly quantify Emmett Till’s murder.

One particular blogger has aleady given the film a C+. I am thinking all will be great after the finale. We will see.

However, the movie titled ‘Women of the Movement’, continues on as Mamie Till-Mobley, Till’s mother memoralize the love she had for her sons.

In the movie, everything kicks off after Emmett Till is dead. The mom in ‘Women of the Movement’, played by actress Adrienne Warren, gives her perspectives about her son’s death

14-year-old Emmett Till, was tortured, ridiculed and murdered, all because they said he was flirting at a white girl, during the Jim Crow era U.S.A. You leave home to visit relatives in Mississippi, and you wind up dead in a river.

This sounds so familiar these days, after the young man in Georgia, goes jogging and winds up dead. However that is another story to be told.

Could it be that she might have said something to him and he rejected her? The white girl probably was embarrassed by rejection and might have lied?

Sadly, whatever happened on that day August 28, 1955, it is still resonating today. Moreover, there are less racially involved murders, but continued racism, while some whites and black love each other.

But in life you love whomever you love. And even though these are new times, some people abhor greatly when seeing a black person so deeply involved in interracial relationships.

There are other great actors in the movie that make up reporters, family members and law enforcements, to help bring some melody to the film. Well, you can’t tell the critics that, they are ready to give up on it.

You can want to watch this series without it being spoiled. Just tune in to the ABC network. January 13, 2022, 7PM CST, Season 1, ep. 3. You may also stream the back episodes on Hulu.
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