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There are so many sites offering jobs to blog. African-Americans have strong voices and so much to contribute to the art of blogging.

So, you’d gone into the grocery store, and noticed that the same beef roast you purchased last week was three dollars more a pound. You are just disgusted and had your shopping list down to the best budget.

Momentarily, you have to either buy the meat to feed your family, or just go for a cheaper size cut. Then it just dawned on your daylights that this is something you could blog about.

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Blacks moms, as well as remote workers are starting a new trend to make extra money. Whilst, Covid-19 still lingering in the shadows, you still have a family to feed and clothes to buy, rent to pay and drinks in the club, to buy.

Whatever you need money for, blogging can add that extra supplemental income to your portfolio. Take Jackie for instance, she has never written anything in her life.

As a single mom, Jackie just wrote down shopping lists, chores and a post here and there on her Facebook profile. She never thought about blogging until she signed up for a word press account.

Jackie was bored at home due to the pandemic and blogging was her outlet. Her friend Natalie ran a ‘Moms on the Go’ website and was hiring writers.

So of course, Jackie found a way to make extra money, on her own time. Blogging for hire is on the rise and you too can be a part of it.

Some people shy away from blogging, but what they don’t know is. You do not have to have a degree to be a blogger.

Generally, bloggers are everyday people like Jackie, just out to add a few dollars to their pockets. The best time to blog is when you immediately come up with an idea to blog.

Additionally, blogging is not journalism, so you don’t have to be Clark Kent to push a great story. Most bloggers commentate about something they have read, and share their own opinions.

Whereas, journalist report about facts and the latest breaking news. So, don’t get daunted, you can do it, just think of something that matters to you the most.

Bloggers are in demand, especially African-Americans and minority. The world is itching to hear the narratives of the people who have so much to say.

A word of advice, you won’t get too rich blogging, but you can try with some endorsements. And far as Jackie, she is doing quite well blogging about day cares, shopping and cooking delicious dinners for her teen-aged children.


Top 10 subjects that will grab your audience’s attention:

  1. How are people coping with the pandemic?
  2. The best meals on a budget?
  3. The best books for moms to read at the clinic?
  4. Who not to invite to your wedding?
  5. How do you talk to your gay teen?
  6. How do you tell a child you have cancer?
  7. Talking to a child about divorce?
  8. Teaching your child about bullying?
  9. When to plant vegetable after winter?
  10. How to comfort your husband who has ED issues?

When blogging, always keep the story short. A good blog tends to end around 300 to 600 words. Nonetheless, some site does not mind an article of a sort, so check out their guidelines.

Keep in mind, when you are blogging, that it is not always about you. You have to blog to interest your subscribers or faithful readers.

You have to touch subjects that appeals to them and not you at times. So, try to eliminate ‘I’ and ‘Me’ in some of your blogs.

When you make the blog about the people (fictitious name are acceptable-Jackie), you will get so many views and be well on your way. So, get to blogging.

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