Black farmers in the field

Just in time, for their 30th Annual NBFA Conference, slated for October 30-31, 2021. The black farmers are trying to weed out the negative vibes of a corporate magnate, John Deere.

Remarkably, The National Black Farmers Association compile of over 116,000 members from over 42 states. And John Deere is not balking at working with such a substanial clientele.

However, an ongoing boycott ensures that the NBFA is not backing away from their disapproval of Deere’s tactics.

A Raging giant

John Deere, a branch of Deere & Company, headquartered in Moline, Illinois. They manufacture agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, forestry machinery and more.

No Equality or Inclusiveness

According to the Washington Informer, The NBFA stated that the 200-year-old American industry giant cares little about equality and inclusiveness. Furthermore, the boycott is clearly ongoing.

Consequently, due to John Deere’s sincerest refusal to display some of its equipment at the NBFA Annual Conference.

Also noted, John May, president of John Deere quoted bluntly “I decline your invitations.” This is every time they are asked to participate with the black farmer’s initiatives. Which is a clear indication that there is something going on.

Courtesy of Associated Press

Defense mechanism

John Deere feels that too little service calls to them from NBFA pales in comparison to their white counterparts. It was also noted that J.D., highly struck a nerve with N.B.F.A., when they decided to form their own coalition to represent black farmers.

National Black Farmers own president John Boyd had said that John Deere has blatantly showed little respect. “We are a nuisance to them.”


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