There are lots of ways to keep busy while Facebook is down.

Yes, I know all of you Facebook (Instagram, Whats APP) lovers are having a cow, after trying to log into Facebook. I was just on the site 2 hours ago, and went back to message someone and ‘something is wrong’ popped up.

My first thought was, either I was being hacked or my bullying ways have finally caught up with me? So, I digressed and found other ways to entertain myself.

Even though, I needed to post some blogs I just published and say hello to some contacts. There was nothing I could do but wait until they do what they do.

I always thought they shut down to work on the site and continue to upload our information to sell to the highest bidders. Nonetheless, it is shut down, and those that do not have a life, or esteem, are probably scrambling trying to find something else to do.

What to do to avoid the out rage when Facebook shuts down:

  1. Start dinner
  2. Call your parents
  3. Call your grandmother
  4. Walk the dog
  5. Go to a church revival
  6. Go walk in the park: Weather is 69 in Chicago; 77 in Atlanta; 79 in Memphis; 84 in Jackson, MS and St Louis is cloudy at a comforting 76 degrees.
  7. Go visit a loved one in prison
  8. Go volunteer at a nursing home; of course practicing social distancing and wear a mask
  9. Go get your covid-19 vaccination
  10. Go get tested for covid-19
  11. Hit the treadmill at a local gym
  12. Read a book at the library; I recommend ‘Self Compassion’ for Dummies by Steven Hickman, PSYD.
  13. Go get laid; probably why you are on Facebook and so uptight lately.
  14. Paint that back room
  15. Spray for bugs
  16. Sit outside with a neighbor

There you have folks, my complete list of things to do while Facebook is taking your information. And they are making sure they are sending the correct data to their clients.

This is not the first time that Facebook had shut down. But there will be a lot of conversations to post once it is up and running again.

Be safe and don’t take it so personally, there is always Twitter.

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