Ladies packed and ready to hit the road

Women’s History Month is alive and flourishing with things ladies can do without too much effort.

First stop is shopping to find something fresh/cozy for the weekend getaway. You’ll never know what might be popping off until you get to your exclusive destination.

Macy’s is always formal and ready to dress you up for the occasions. Many of you ladies may have a Macy’s card, so you are well aware of the deals.

Alex Evenings

Cold-Shoulder Draped Metallic Gown valued at $149.00

Yes ladies, we want you to look your fabulous when you are out on your trip. Now, that you have a formal wear idea, let’s move on to active wear.

This comfy cozy number by DKNY is Women’s High rise legging, for those lazy mornings at the hotel. You can catch these on sale at $29.99, also at Macy’s.

Courtesy of Macy’s

And now, don’t forget the jeans, because you know you want to be fine, sexy and sleek. The whole idea of getting away with the girls is to still look and feel confident. These skinny numbers can be grabbed for less than $40.00 INC International Concepts

Mid Rise Pull-On Denim Jeggings, Created for Macy’s.

Courtesy of INC

So, you have some ideal on what you will be wearing on the getaway. Let’s get out of Macy’s and find some great beauty and hair tips to help you grab some heat.

Claudine Williams blog site Love to Know is a quick go to guide on keeping that hair neat, shiny and naturally fabulous.

Target carries a wide assortment of beauty products for black women and are owned by women of color. You will find Elle Vie’s impromptu getaway shea butter minis on hand, and you can share with your girls. Each set features 5 – 1 ounce tins of our signature scented butters- Girls Night Out, Date Night, Social Butterfly, Goal Getter and The World Is Mine.

Moreover, they also have the mini butter assortments featuring Women’s History Month custom tins.

Courtesy of Target Stores
Courtesy of Target

In addition to shea butters, they have plenty of black owned products; eye shadows, candles, lotions, shampoo and much more. Just go to Target and look for the Black Beyond Measure aisle.


Now, that you have some iota of what you will be wearing, and needing to stay beautiful. Here are some spots that are well worth checking out during Women’s History Month.

Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

National Museum of Women In Art

From Smithsonian’s:

Where the guys going to be? Yes ladies, you will be on the road, somewhere and somehow, you are going to want to see the fellows. I have you covered in 5 keys cities.

5 weekend spots to catch some fly guys and empowerment; even if you leave on Thursday.

Las Vegas:


St Louis:


Kansas City, MO:

Finally, Washington DC:

There you have it ladies, whether you are taking a flight our or renting a SUV, you should be good to go on any given weekend. Have fun and be safe out there; practice Covid-19 protocol still. The Narrative Matters suggest that you know before you go. If you are drinking make sure you watch each other’s back and do not leave anyone in the party alone.

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