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Summer is almost over, and fall will be here before you know it. Some children and grown-ups will be heading back to school and college.

Even with all of the changes happening around us, we still have to ask ‘”what is for dinner”? A question that hangs on every living soul on this planet. A delectable question that even bloggers like myself keep trying to find edible answers for.

Well since my last delicious story on feeding guests from out of town; namely vegans. I felt it was time to just cook something that everyone in the world would enjoy. Especially, mom and dad, who just decided to pop over for cocktails and a surprise meal this fall.

I just so happened to be looking through my favorite magazine, Bon Appétit, and found some great recipes for dinner. I am a spicy food lover, and if you are too, then this is also for your tempting taste buds.

You can’t go wrong with pork, turkey and beef or chicken, as your ground meat option for this dish. The Spicy Weeknight Ragu, which is found on page 44, of the ‘Fall Back into Cooking’ edition, September, 2021.

The Ragu’s dishes are delicious as well as spicy, so you might what to get a nice chill Merlot to go with it. And if mom can’t take the heat, then substitute with some nice vegetables instead of peppers for seasoning.

Then there is the Chile-Braised Chicken Tostados, on page 44; Lamb Keema Tacos on page 16; Tomato Salad with Blue Cheese and crispy Shallots on page 29, and just to name a few;  Braised Short Ribs with onions and Curry Leaves on page 43.

So, gather the folks over and get the cooking. I know your mouth is watering with so many great ideas. I am just so glad I was able to help you get it started.

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