Randy gets busted in Part 2

Being and love and trying to stay that way can come with a toll. Some people knows how to control the human flesh and maintain a relationship with one mate. Then there are some who are easily bought into the webs of infidelity.

In Part 2, Randy is going to learn that you must leave the cake at home and keep the ice cream at the grocery store. In the age of social media your relationship is now an open page turner.

The human flesh mistake

 The one mistake Randy made as a married man was having all them side pieces contacting him, and of course leaving his cell phone unattended.  Randy was unaware that his narcissistic stubbornly suspicious wife was looking for any reason to attack him.

The discovery

Mandy found photos of not only Chanela, but other starving females from Instagram, Tumbler and Twitter. She was indeed mortified, not even thinking that her husband had all these social media profiles.

Mandy was not really hurt from the photos, subliminal sexy texts and messages off Facebook. She was aghast at how stupid he was to leave this stuff in his phone with a wife around.

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Mandy placed the phone back in the bathroom and slipped away. Randy never knew if she saw anything that day or not, so he started deleting stuff, but not before sending some sultry items to his fake account.

Here comes Facebook

Instead of Mandy just simply confronting her husband, she allowed her ego to guide her. She needed validations from her friends and the organic audiences on Facebook.

Ever since Facebook created Live; where you can do video presentations, and your friends can watch, comment and join in. People have been airing their dirty laundry, without a care in the world.

They do not care who knows what is going on in their homes, as long as the person they are attacking gets embarrassed and exposed. Mandy didn’t care anymore, there was too much damaging information said to her acutely conscious husband.

Enough information for him to put a stop to it, delete it and stay at home with his wife.

The Suggestion

One of Paul’s brothers was the first to see Mandy’s post. He even commented bluntly for her to get off her high horse and confront him and not seek empathy from social media.

More attacks

That suggestion, made Mandy even more inclined to attack, so she started posting the photos she forwarded to her own cell phone. There were comments like “Girl that is messed up, I would leave his tail”, and comments like “That is crazy he knows better, where was he at that long for you to be all in his phone.”

Mandy told her audience that her absent minded husband fell asleep on the sofa, and left his phone in the bathroom. She was so adamant to destroy the man she had fallen in love with. She felt it was best, all this, just to get on social media and not a warm therapist couch.

The Defense

When Paul got to the video, he simply went on defensive mode, and told them half of the truth to stroke his bruised ego. His Facebook Live post went viral, and every female and male took his side.

They took the cheater’s side and not the prying wife. And of course on Mandy’s site they took her side as well.

Rules no. 1 in a Relationship:

Do not go into your spouse’s or mate’s personal cell phone log

Do ask questions if you are concerned about the relationship

Do not post your personal situation on social media

Do seek counseling (Especially if you are married with children)

Do not feed into your spouse’s vindictive ploy to shame you

Do remove yourself from toxic people

Do remove all evidence of infidelity to avoid backlash

Do not cheat

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