Prison life 2: An unwavering look into the world of an artist who had it all but now is facing his consequences

I had a chance to interview Jna, who is currently serving time in a Missouri prison as we speak. So, we will give him the opportunity to tell his story.

This is Part 2 of 2.

I had a chance to interview Jna, who is currently serving time in a Missouri prison as we speak. So, we will give him the opportunity to tell his story. A little less about prison and more about his music and his future career in hip hop.

You use to snap when I would try to consult you on the right direction, have you ever been to therapy?

Jna: First off I apologize for being a Kanye West, lol. I never had therapy in my life all I know is fight! fight! fight!

And if you lose you suck. What you used to say, what my vision is therapy. A therapy was the struggle that got me to LA, a secret on my way to LA.

I asked JayB to sign me to Sho Me Records and he said no. That broke my heart…

So, I got song tracks together from Pookie and felt like I’m on probation, homeless, broke and all that. Yet all I wanted to do was make music and be happy doing me and I can’t even do that.

Here’s the therapy “so what you gone do?” I said f-u I’m going to Hollywood! Another fight and I won!  

Right before things got ugly in Texas, why were you down there?

Jna: Things were beautiful in Texas! I love Texas fr fr. The music acts loved me back, the music scene is incredible trust I’m going back to Texas. I always wanted to perform at SXSW (south by southwest) Festival

I finally did in 2018, I was there all week looking like a No Limit Soldier. I met Chris Gotti from Murder Inc. Chris was going to release my album HaterProof.

I got my new manager Jamie O with Sony Records, and sold copies of my cd ‘Almost Famous’ for double what I was asking, I’m a king in Texas.

How is your family dealing with you being away?

Jna: My mama and my daughter miss me like crazy, other than that I ain’t got no family but my fans.

Have you been writing any new music?

Jna: I wrote some, but my jams come from the heart and my heart been broken, I wanted to quit but nobody likes a quitter. When I jump out I’ll have something amazing for everybody.

When you leave prison what are your main goals?

Jna: My only goal is a gold record.

What was your best CDs ever made?

Jna: The best CDs I made I didn’t release yet are HaterProof, The N-bomb, The Rap Bible and Love Delux. God still has a plan right lol?

When did you start out in St Louis, and who was your producer? You can mention all if you like?

Jna: I been moving around the St Louis music scene since I was a kid From then to now. The first producer I’d worked with was John Oliver Ballistic Studios 1998. And then, LA and Vega (signed but not signed with St Louis based at home productions) 1999-2002.

Strom from street heat 2003.

Ponyboy Curtis Y.O.W.I.E 2004.

Sonny Black (signed with St Louis based Po House records) 2003-2004.

Ready Ryan Game Room Studio 2005.

Big Kountry Smoke 2008 then my cousin DJ T-Meeks production team The Flyy Team in late 2008. I was the only person on his beats which was and still is awesome, we made so much music.

(I still got tracks from him to record. He single-handedly produced my debut CD Almost Famous.)

Met Pookie G in 2000, he’s been my engineer since.

Branched out and worked with LA based producer Paul Cabin, New York producer’s Synthetic Nation, South Africa based Malefactor on the beat, platinum producer KE on the track, 50 artist 50 states, and Anno Domini.

Unreleased project with Mr Serv On (former No Limit Artist) under his label Hot City Music Group.

Who have been your biggest influences over your career span?

Jna: My biggest influence and team players are Rodney/The Newsletter05; he set it off for me. And my big brother Pookie G most definitely.

Royal Harbor aka Knoc-TurnAl, Mr Serv On. Shaun Sanders aka Dolla Bill No Limit A and R; Father MC Universal Records A and R; Big Heff Def Jam A and R and so many to name.

That is about all time I have, I wish you the best and will hope to see a new man on the OUTSIDE!

Jna: Thanks for always being my support system, my out date is 01/02/2023.. I’ll see you then. @RondoGunn

This concludes the 2 part interview. We try to advocate for justice, and advocate as well for those who are incarcerated. As a result, everyone do deserve a second chance after prison for less extreme convictions.


Pook MT Greenlee remarks to this interview:

I’m humbled by brother’s testimony. I’ve worked with so many different artists from all walks of life. And I noticed a need in my community a long time ago. I saw that not only did artists need a skilled and trustworthy engineer that wasn’t out for their money, but a skilled and trustworthy engineer who understands the message they are trying to convey through music.

I’ve helped various artists express themselves that have challenges with coping with mental health conditions in addition to other conditions such as cerebral palsy, substance abuse, domestic violence, or just stress in general.

I didn’t totally understand what I was really doing until I discovered music therapy was/is a profession and has been a profession since the 40s 50s and dominated by white females.

So I saw another need. Over the years, I’ve completed my AA in Music and my BS in Music Therapy and today I go take my CBMT exam to be certified to practice in the state of Missouri. I have plans to open up my own private practice and bring music therapy to my community. As long as God keeps me and I’m able, I will continue to provide my services and try to impact the lives of those like my brother. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾

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