Electronic giant Best Buy is doing more than providing the latest electronics.Behind the scene, they are working with teens across the nation to help them prepare for a future in technology.


Best Buy inspires people of all ages to connect, learn, innovate, and improve their lives. Moreover, across the country, many communities, especially in my city, lack support and access to tools and training than can unlock a better future and prepare youth for the challenges ahead.

When I found about this, I immediately was a fan of this company.I never thought Best Buy did anything in the community, especially in St Louis.

Developing skills

Additionally, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are a place where teens can develop critical skills through hands-on activities.Activities that explore their interests in programming, filmmaking,music production and design.

Nationwide access

Each location works to bridge the digital divide by giving youth access to tech education opportunities, relationships that help to build confidence, and a foundation for school and career success.

A partnership with The Club House Network connects members to a global community of over 100 clubhouses in 20 countries.

Nonprofit proposals are being accepted through October 29th, for Nashville, Raleigh and Omaha, the ones who have organizations that provide undeserved youth with a creative, innovative learning environment.

I am hoping that parents and guardians of teens will deep dive into this exciting opportunity.I am sure with careful research you will find this service in a region near you.

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Courtesy of Best Buy

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