Is there even such a thing as Black Twitter? Or is it just another platform to unite our people for entertainment purpose only.

You can find so many blacks getting very upset when it comes to attacking our people. And if the attacks started on Twitter, get ready for an ear full.

From memes, curse words and attacks on your account. You should be mindful on what you say about anyone who is black and relatively famous.

Mainly, you do not have to be too famous to have Black Twitter come to your rescue. All you have to do is just be black for the cause.

Yet, sometimes Black Twitter agrees to something negative or disagreeable as well. It depends on how controversial it is.

From former president Barack Obama to Lizzo, the entertainment sensation. Black Twitter will come for your head if you tweet insults toward them.

As a result of tweets against Lizzo, I can be a witness to that factor. A colleague of mine caught a blunt end of a dagger, all because he said in a response “Damn, Is she getting any bigger” and the gates burst open.

There were some agreeing with his tweet, and there were some who wanted his head sliced on a platter. The post started from a popular tweeter named Leo, an aspiring model, who tweets about celebrities and current events.

Leo posted this: LIZZO OMG, it was a link to a very healthy photo of Lizzo. (Photo was deleted eventually)

My colleagues comment received 572 Loves, 49 Retweets and 33 negative and agreeable comments. And with 133,000 impressions, his simple “Damn, Is she getting any bigger” tweet stirred some people to have mixed emotions.

#BlackTwitter supporter Erin Ashley, the XSET co-owner, who is verified, said it is the greatest entity on social media. If you are ever on Twitter, just search #BlackTwitter and you will be all up in the business.

From popular memes and videos to the latest trend that is black. But before I close out this blog, I want to share with you some of the replies that made my colleague famous on Twitter.

“Damn, is she getting any bigger?”

Female: Are you getting balder?

Female: Naw, she actually been losing weight it’s just that ass getting phat! Foh

Male: They so mad at you for telling the truth… like it’s so clear Liz puts more effort into trolling and embracing her “beauty” than she does eating right and working out… lastly all the ones that are saying she’s at a healthy weight are just liars. Smh I’m glad you spoke up.

Female: Okay, I thought I was the only one. I get it, we’re in quarantine so naturally, anybody would gain weight but this just ain’t it. It was cute at first now her weight just looks sloppy, she make WAY too much money to not have a trainer helping her get to a healthy size. 

Male: niggas love bbws until it’s lizzo, pathetic.

Female: Thank you because it’s the delusion for me, obesity isn’t healthy.

Male: Much weight, and she leans in her shoes too. In the long run that’ll come with health complications

They’re virtue signaling. They’re worse than the people who make fun of Lizzie cause they’re straight deceitful and dishonest.. If they really cared about her they would be truthful. Obesity isn’t healthy Even if she is eating “right” her ankles and joints are supporting too.

Female: but how is she “promoting” being big ??? bc she her size and she’s happy? bc she’s in lingerie ? funny how no one says anything like this when it’s regarding ppl w/ a smaller physique. I wonder why when they can easily be just as “unhealthy”.

Male: Damn nigga your ruthless 

Female: you way too ugly to be asking anything

Male: Dang, That’s What I Said. I Didn’t Recognize Her.

There is more, but time is of essence, we all know black people love and care about Lizzo. And from this, you can see some agreed with my colleague and some didn’t.

Lastly, celebrities bring out the Black Twitter, and if it is a comment, post or photo worth sharing. They will let you know how they feel good or bad.

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