Let’s talk about the summer as it comes to a close in a few weeks. The kids will be shuffling back off to school.

The employers will be demanding more of our times, and families will feel the need to meet up. The weather has been so hot, especially in the Midwest cities, such as Columbus, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Cincinnati, and St Louis.

In addition to flooding from torrential rain storms, a lot of family reunions were postponed. And being in the month of August, doesn’t help because it is getting even warmer.

But we love our families, even if we only have to see them for 3 days. Banana pudding as a dessert is conducive to keeping Southern American families together.

It is a feel good food, that help with our high blood pressure. Due to many years of our ancestor’s genes being clogged up with bad eating habits.

According to Etsy, Bananas are among the most important food crops on earth and are very valuable to human existence. In which, they belong to the plant family Musaceae. 

Bananas contain calories, water, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and fat.

In addition to this fact, bananas are a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The Newsletter 05 world famous Banana dish without the pudding

This fruit is enriched with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that do a great deal of good to your health. That is why it earns them their well-deserved spot on the list of the world’s most appealing fruit.

Now, with that being said. I am not encouraging you to devour bananas like my family does. Because my family can put away bananas.

Just recently, my family church pantry had so many bananas left from a giveaway. The church made sure that they took some of the fruits home to enjoy.

On the other hand the potassium from bananas is good, but too much can harm certain people. So, please make sure you eat them in moderation.

Positive Med

Everyone makes their banana pudding differently. Enjoy the video.

This is courtesy of Old School Soul Food

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