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As the days get shorter and the weather turns to crisp cool fall temperatures. A lot of people will continue to get out,more so than ever. The reason being, the harsh winter season is only months away.

With that being said, our favorite neighborhood night spot might be in need of some great bartenders. Bartenders that they can rely, and trust to leave at the cash register for short periods of time.

But who can you trust these days, especially with a new round of the pandemic looming in the air. People are desperate to get their sticky fingers on anybody’s cash they can.

Here is an example of how slick bartenders can be when they are stealing from the club owner in a privately operated neighborhood bar.

Owner of the club pops in the building, and goes behind their bar:

Hey Sheandola, why is so much money sitting on the bar?

Oh, oh, I been busy, I got to ring those up into the cash register.

Oh ok,I am going to the office.

Mistake no.1, owner of a bar. Never leave your money; if she is too busy, she is stealing. She left that money there to make change. SO there will be no way to catch her slipping profits and putting it in her tip jar.

Here is what she is doing: She is familiar with the customers, and she hates credit card transactions. So she gets so busy and tell the customers just leave it there, I got to wash these dishes, wipe down the table or go pee.

So when she comes back, JACKPOT, all these customers money is on the bar. So she goes to the cash register, she rings up 2 of 6 drinks. She needs change to pay back three customers, because she has already stolen the $50. So she goes in her tip jar and grab changes.

Red flag: If her tip jar is over flowing, she either is having a dang good night or stealing. Especially if your bottles are empty and your cash register just a step above what you put in there at 6pm.

The best advice is not to hire people from off the street, just to fill a vacancy. Stop being lazy, watch your bar, and have someone trustworthy on hand as another eye if you have to leave.

Installing surveillance camera that connect to your smart phone may become costly, but it will afford you a peace of mind. Also if you have to take someone to court it could also become a headache. However,most African-American local bars barely can stay afloat, so they depend on sight and not technology.

So as a bar, bistro, nightclub or restaurant owner before you hire your net bartender, find out more about them. That way you will have a profitable club and continue to hire good help.

Why do bartenders steal?

  1. The bar only pays by tips
  2. Some bars pays $3.55 an hour
  3. Drug habits
  4. To be spiteful, especially if they have an beef with the boss
  5. Gambling habits; going to the casino can be costly and being around money anywhere is tempting
  6. Their spouse or significant other is pressuring them for money
  7. Kids need things
  8. Car trouble
  9. Between jobs
  10. Think they deserve the money for all the work they do

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