Is your high school teen looking to go a little further after graduation? Are you at odds on which HBCU would fit them?

Additionally, are there any locations where you feel is affordable and close approximate to home? And do you want to send them to a HBCU?

All of your questions will be answered by contacting a non-profit organization called On a Mission. On a Mission is a 501(c) (3) non-profit focus on empowering youths and strengthening communities.

They offer college tours to students that are looking to make the best possible choice when trying to decide their educational future. The HBCU tour is open to all high school students grades 9-12.

Here is what they have to say: Our College Tours aid Students in the process of making the very important decision of deciding where they wish to pursue their college futures. Our services allow students the unique opportunity to tour colleges and universities nationwide, giving them the chance to speak to college professors, walk on campuses, sit in classrooms, and speak to college staff, students, and alumni.

The Black History Month HBCU in-person college tour kicks off February 20-25, 2022. Hurry, because the deadline and last day to register is January 28th.

Moreover, their programs year in and year out has allowed students the opportunity to tour colleges and universities nationwide. This makes it easy for the parents and students to make those hard challenging decisions.

On the Mission is located Victorville, California, but you can call them anytime to get info and pricing. So, the number is 323-298-4779, and they will connect you with an agent nearest to you.

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