November 2, 2021

Fila: Celebrating 110 Years of Fabric Colors-Diversity & Taking Sports to the Streets

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Photo By:Complex Media

This will be a limited edition collection revisiting the past while showcasing the now. Fila’s signature white, navy and red branding will cap off the design element.

Fila has not let up on their innovated designs and colors after over 100 years in business. As a result, the brand has not known any boundaries, and is just as diverse as any other maker of fashions. So, Fila has something for everyone from a pair of their colorful sneakers, track suits, to their latest t-shirts and rainwear.

And when shoppers take a walk in the malls, or read an ad, they will see Fila’s diversity in fashion and modeling is posted all across the board. Because Fila cares about each and everyone who is wearing their clothes.

Fila founded over 100 years ago, as the business of creating textiles in Biella, Italy. So, the small Italian brand has transformed into one of the most recognized global leaders. Noted in lifestyle, sports and streetwear fashion.

They will be celebrating their big decade of influence, by unveiling its 110th anniversary collection.  According to Complex media, their pieces the 90’s inspired Ski Jacket and the 1935 patent girdle skirt are part of the designs.

This will be a limited edition collection revisiting the past while showcasing the now. Fila’s signature white, navy and red branding will cap off the design element.

Photo courtesy of Complex Media

Lastly, Complex Media was the first to give our readers at The Narrative Matters a unique peek into the brand. A brand that has taken the sports to the streets. Moreover, the look book will highlights iconic style moments from more than 100 years ago to present day.


Diversity according to Comparably:

Diverse employees at Fila score the company 51/100 across various culture categories, placing Fila in the bottom 10% of companies on Comparably with 501-1,000 Employees for Comparably’s diversity score. The Diversity score provides insights into how diverse employees feel and rate their work experience at Fila across various culture dimensions.

Fila helped black kid who was bullied:

Racism claims:

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