I happened upon another Black Excellence list of Top things going on with Black America. I do agree with most of this list.

However, as a strong advocate for my city of St Louis, I do believe there are other reasons why they left town. Black people go where the buzz is, not just because they are looking for better jobs, schools and quality of life.

The reason in my theory of why they are leaving or left St Louis, is they wanted to get away from the trouble they invited. Some want to start over from bad experiences and to start anew.

People just didn’t leave St Louis city, they just went further west in the metro area. When they say mass exodus, they should at least mention that the St Louis Metropolitan area population is still steady at no. 21 or 22 in the USA.

So, if they are leaving St Louis, why isn’t the metropolitan area staggering? Sure we have people leaving the city limits, but they are not really leaving the market.

I have been following MSA (metropolitan statistical area) for many years. I have always been involved in geography and wanted my city to be successful.

So, when they wanted to put our city at no. 4 in the list, I think they need to make sure they add the market ranking as a whole.

Other cities on the list in the video were not surprising to me, because it reflected their market as a whole. Detroit, Chicago and even Cleveland, have lost both population in the city limits and metro.

Moreover, I wasn’t surprise in seeing where the blacks were migrating to. Atlanta, Columbus, Houston and Vegas.

Here is the video list: Leaving and Going to cities for blacks.

By Black Excellist

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