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Bringing to the light of some must reads that you should check out, by Independent authors. There are many black talented writers who are tired of these shark literary agents taking their money and these expensive self-publishing companies.

So, they go it alone and publish their books on their own and work hard to get you to read them.

Sometimes you come across a book that catches your attention, and you read it and places back on the shelf. Consequently, you find yourself years later thinking about the characters and the book.

Then a few moments later, you are back reading this book all over again. There are best-selling books that have that kind of effect on your reading delectation.

However, there are Independent book authors’ tales that come to mind that make you want to read it over and over again. Most people would say, that book is old, wow I’d never heard of that one or even, that is a nobody author.

Staggering Heights is a dark novel by a very talented Independent author name D. Allen Miller, from Illinois. Heights Is a dysfunctional story of a small town woman and her disturbing relationship with her degenerated mother.

The character Reva struggles with the break-up with her former best friend and dealing with a serial killer. As her life could get better as she works as an exotic dancer, with three children. A deadly flame will burn any hope of stability for her and take the readers into spin of no return.

Staggering Heights is that kind of book that you will want to read again in the future. It was published in 2009, and the author has had many book events to promote and sale his work.

Additionally, Mr. Allen is also a motivational speaker and youth mentor in his Illinois hometown near St Louis, MO. So, he spends a lot of time building a lot of bridges with youth in the areas between St Louis and state of Illinois.

Staggering Heights is that book you need to read. Like the old saying goes, old to him but new to you. So please check out this powerful Independent book published by Infinite World Communication.

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