When you pop on Ian’s Linkedin page, you will get this header: Humanity-centered, results-driven ed leader, 20-year school admin, executive leadership coach, consultant, antiracist. Founder/CEO of Nia Education Group.

First, let’s talk about Nia Education Group. It is an executive coaching and consulting firm, committed to empowering great leaders to become their greatest personal and professional selves. They are inspired by an unwavering passion to inspire change, in addition to being committed to access, opportunity and equity.

Last, you probably asking why we should now read his book ‘King’, which is available on Amazon? Because Dr. Ian, the right man for the job has written a book that needs to be read.

In retrospective, we just need a voice to come and tell us the truth. Too many of our so called “Kings” representing our city, have lost their mind and their ways.

A little about King:

The KING Leadership Framework is designed to speak to the needs of the black male leader as he continues to evolve into the leader he is destined to be. It also helps black men walk in their true leadership purpose and is grounded in four fundamental principles:

  • Know the King Within
  • Inspire Greatness in Others for Collective Impact
  • Navigate North
  • Gravitate to Great

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Dr. Ian Buchanan

More from Nia Education Group:

What They Do

Provide gold standard executive coaching and consulting services.

Offering unique approach empowers leaders to be their most effective and authentic selves.

Helping leaders leverage their strengths in a way that maximizes their impact.

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Their Vision

To have a sustainable impact on the hands, hearts and minds of one million leaders.

Creating a just society

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9648 Olive Blvd #436,
Saint Louis, MO 63146

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