Busy professionals need to set up email alerts to their devices. Because if you don’t, like me you could be missing so many important messages. As a result, I missed an email congratulating me on being voted into a nomination selection for Best Fiction author. From Black Authors Rock comes The Black Tie Literary Awards.

Firstly, the excitement and thoughts about how this could boost my book marketing. Secondly, I was curious to know the person who had voted me in.

Lastly, it turned out to be a fan of my book, and a person who was also in a Facebook group with the committee.

As a media agent and blogger, you should always be looking to network. The committee Black Authors Rock, is not just a team that accepted my nomination. But a team that is emphatically looking after black writers and ensuring that they get all the resources to succeed.

The Black Tie Literary Award ceremony will take place on December 4, 2021, in the multi-faceted city of New Orleans. Sure enough, I will try to attend, after moving a few things around.

More from B.A.R:

Like it or not, Black people have been disenfranchised in this nation. The beautiful thing about Black people, however, is that we have never allowed that disenfranchisement to keep us down. We pushed forward as a people, and we overcame–and we thrived, despite everything against us.

Black ethnicity, Black culture, and Black history are replete with stories of our overcoming–and thriving. That’s why Black Authors Rock is so special. These are OUR tales of OUR lives. because our stories don’t start and end with slavery and racism. Those are only a few threads on our collective tapestry. No, our stories include love, relationships, children, wealth, power, education, comedy, politics, and theology–just like other peoples.

The difference is that we were told that our stories don’t matter. Here, they not only matter, but they are primary–and celebrated. These are our stories, are our lives and are our authors.

Moreover, discuss them, love them, critique them–they are yours. This is Black Authors Rock–where we highlight the best of our literary past, the giants of our literary present–and the titans of our literary future.

Since you are here we might as well let you know what this here community is all about.

We are all about:

Edifying Black Authors—embracing the greats of our past and enjoying their work.

Equipping Black Authors—educating the greats of our present on how to hone their craft.

Enlightening Black Authors—endowing the greats of our future with the necessities to publish

Who we are and what we do?

  1. Discussion group; not just for academic exercise but for cultural enjoyment.

2. Support community; we teach you, encourage you, guide you, and build with you.

3. A publishing company; we assist up-and-coming Black authors to publish their books and get themselves out into the world.

4. Author marketing company; we push our authors to the next level and maximize their product.

5. Innovation; we are creating a blazed trail of Black literature for all those who come after us.

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