Dr. Lance McCarthy; a fashion aphrodisiac, financial advisor and world renowned speaker, has come back home. But not to stay, he is in his hometown of St Louis, MO, for Thanksgiving.

And you would think after being in his new residence Los Angeles again, that he wouldn’t have time to be here with his family. But as luck would have it things do take precedence.

Lance still has appearances to make, one with The Narrative Matters and later a speaking engagement.

I will be asking him about family, fashions and the deal he had secured for prison’s technology with the George Floyd Foundation.

Courtesy of Dr Lance

First, welcome back to St Louis sir.

Good to be back and thanks for having me.

I see you be into the fashions; let’s talk about that?

Growing up as a bass player in church, we loved to dress and look good. So, I think it has been a thing all my life. I was suited every day in high school.

Courtesy of Dr Lance

In which it had gotten me best dressed honors. I do a lot of shopping in LA/Beverly Hills. I have to stay immaculate being a business man.

Tell me more about this prison tech deal for the George Floyd Foundation?

I am the economic advisor of the GFF. I am in charge of the program and for developing one area, social justice education. We have partnered with Aventiv to produce contents for 500,000 tablets, to distribute to inmates.

That is remarkable. How are your kids doing?

They ae great, I am a proud dad of two beautiful children. Both are attending  FAMU; my daughter is a pre-med freshman while my son will be graduating December 10th and going to Pharmacy school.

What fraternity order do you belong to?

I am an Alpha 2nd generation, my dad was an Alpha. I am also a keynote speaker on Founder’s Day.

Do you have a charity that you support?

The George Floyd Foundation and The Addiction Recovery Center.

While you are in St Louis, will you be attending any events or speaking engagements?

Yes, but when I come back on December 5th. I will be meeting with Yolanda, who is having me speak at The Black Think Tank.

Who is the hottest designer that you know in LA?

I attended the LA Black Fashion Week with designer Kourtney.

Who are the hottest celebrities you have hung out with?

I’ve worked with Master P, Tyrese, Ray Lewis, Gabrielle Union, Boris Kodjoe and his lovely wife Nicole Ari Parker, just to name a few. Ha Ha!

Are you in a Silver Fox Club?

We are starting an LA Chapter, with my brand Dr. Silver Fox. I have done a national commercial, modeled and appeared in magazines.

It is my goal to make smart sexy on my site www.drsilverfoxx.com. On the site I talk about economics and fashions. I use my clothes to connect to the young because they are our future.

Courtesy of Dr Lance

Thanks and I am happy to see that you are well and back home for the holiday.

Thanks to you, and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Courtesy of Dr Lance


We ran out of time and didn’t get to dabble in cannabis. But if you are looking for a financial advisor, hit Dr Lance up at https://drsilverfoxx.com/

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