I was a little heartbroken today. A church member I knew had lost her dog to cancer last week.

The dog was fine, up until a cold snap hit the city where we all lived. The dog had stop eating and was throwing up and full of fatigue. My church member loved her dog, because the dog was always there.

Even after a run in with her family that left her with just her dog. I remembered a time she had to sleep in her car with her animal. It was so gut wrenching, because she never told anyone until later.

I never judge any of the people I am in contact with passion for their pets.But some owners treat their animals better than humans.

They are part of many people all over the world who love their pets as they would a family member. Most pet lovers are very devoted and could just stay at home just to be with their dog or cat.

And making fun of their pets is a definite no no. They do not like you saying bad things about their furry pets.

I had arrived at their house to hang out and it was not smelling too good. I did mention the pet odor and they bit my head off, in defense of their animal.

Even though they later apologized, but they don’t think their pets can other do any wrong. I am not a pet owner, because I really don’t have the time.

One more reason is, I just have too much going on and don’t have the patience. When I was younger in grade school we had our shares of dogs.

One of my first dogs died in the freezing cold, after being left out on the porch, one was hit by a car and the other one couldn’t be in my apartment.


So, one can’t say I am an animal hater, due to me having my share.

How to do to keep your pets healthy

Take them to get their necessary shots

Get them groomed regularly

Feed them pet food and not human food

Know when to get pets check ups at the veterinary clinic

Don’t let them play with a lot of dogs

Keep a lease on them 

When the weather is below freezing, do not keep dogs outside too long

Watch out for fleas

Courtesy of Funny Pets ‘Dogs Going to the Vet’

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