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It is time for yet another exciting interview featuring local entertainers. I am so excited to get a chance to meet a new talent in St Louis. This young rapper is so busy and ready to make her mark on the industry. Her latest video ‘Pull Up’ was filmed on location at the award winning Biker’s Corner Lounge. And with all the support from the community from both sides of the tokens, she sees no slowing down in sight.

Here is her story:

Hello, it good to meet you. I saw your video ‘Pull Up’, tell me more about the project and the location at Biker’s Corner?

 Pull Up, started as a joke because a lot of people tend to pull up on me in various ways, so I decided to write a song about it. I was actually fresh back in St. Louis and I wanted to highlight and give back to my city.

The Bikers Corner is one of our hangout spots and I love the biker community here in St. Louis. Their presence is very strong and they didn’t hesitate to support me. Shout out Meaty the manager at the the Biker’s Corner for her support and the feature in the video, and she made it possible.

Your father is in church tell me how you get into rap and not Gospel? 

Honestly, gospel is definitely my roots it all starts and end with God for me. However God called me to a different space to reach his people on a different level. I do still write Gospel records, however I noticed that Gospel Artists while being the most talented are also the most underpaid in the Industry. And I am being called to more, so that I can bless people on a higher level.

You managed for your older brother, what was that all about?

That’s actually how I started my career as a business manager for my oldest brother Pastor Michael Lampkin & Prosperity. My big brother is my Pastor and absolute favorite artist and my inspiration, it was through him that I realized my gifts and true potential as an artist and executive.

You were raised in St Louis, so where else have you been?

To keep it short I have been to 37 of the 50 states, I have actually lived in Norfolk/7Cities,Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama, in which I make several references to in my music.

What is your favorite song on your list?

I must say ‘I aint Wit It’ only, since ‘Better Way’ featuring my brother  is still in production.

Where do you go to record?

 Primarily, Get Rite Records shout out to my family over there Orlando Ray the C.E.O, Chase Staxx, and GWayne, Mr. 6am himself my engineer! I also record at Phat Bhudda and with Big Lou as well.

What artist in St Louis have you worked with?

Several including the above mentioned, I also gotta Shout out my original team Tha Nod Factor Records better known as the Huey Team under Angela Richardson C.E.O, Ruka Puff aka Zeus Rebel, JStar, KB Tha Street, and G.H.O.S.T 314

 I just opened up at Pops for Friday Night with Fresco Kane. Shout out to the M.A.D.E. Group and Malik The King my favorite young artist coming out of St. Louis right now.

When was the last time you’d performed?

Well by the time this publishes, my last show will be for my favorite family, my LGBTQ community in St. Louis, at Tower Grove Pride Saturday September 25, 2021 and I’M LIT, lol.

You attended college, what was your major? 

Secondary education with a concentration in Social Studies and yes I also attended Harris-Stowe State University (The only Historically Black University H.B.C.U in St. Louis).

Do you have your brand, what is it called?

Purple Leaf Dynasty LLC., and I’m the C.E.O. We are primarily a production label.

What are your thoughts on covid-19, and trying to get back out on the scene?

It’s rough and I’ll keep my opinion to myself, and just trying to stay Covid-negative and bring my strong little vibes to the world. 

So you were in prison do you care to talk about that?

Yes 8yrs for a bank robbery that’s all Ima say about that it’s public information lol. That’s also another project in pre-production right now.

 I want to go to Youth detention camps and give motivational speeches to our young women and men. To let them know that things ain’t sweet no cap, don’t NOBODY want do no time in the big house.

Is there any unity amongst the talents in St Louis?

 I believe we are breaking that resentful little attitude as a culture of musicians. If I have to do it myself I will; I support and respect everyone.

 To do it from my city, starting with Pastor Michael Lampkin, to Redd Fox, Joe Tory, Cedric The Entertainer, Ike Turner & Tina Turner (yeah we a claim the east side today), Chuck Berry, Amber Bullock, The King Nelly Himself, The Lunatics, Ali, Kejuan, Murphy Lee, City Spud and Slow Down, Chingy, Joka,Jibbs, Huey, JKwon, Hakeem The Dream, Young Ro,LueyV, Shorty Da Prince, Kimora Lee, Bruce Franks Jr. Hittman Holla Young Dip, JKicks(StueyRock), Big Sexy DJ Kaos, Da Whole 9, DJ Sno, DJ Kut, if I missed anybody it’s just my mind not my heart.

The local love I just showed in this Interview is a testament to how we are growing as a city. 

Do you have any plans for a full CD coming soon?

Yes I do, it will be titled ‘PromiseLand’ which will debut on 314 day in St Louis, March 14, 2022.

Thanks for your time


 Thank You, for having me.

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