A 19-year-old former student took it upon himself to go up to his school to kill. As a result 6 students were injured, while a beloved teacher and a female student are dead.

There are so many insinuating circumstances surrounding the tragic shooting that occurred at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. A magnet school in St. Louis, MO.

How does one decides to get in their car with an AR-15 .223 caliber rifle and over 600 rounds of ammunition? And not think about the consequences which also led to their own demise.


We will never know.But what we do know is, he shot at least 9 people and killing 2.

In addition to him breaking in the back of the school.My question was this, if there were security in the building,did they hear the noise?

Were they distracted, or tending to something within the building?Or did he already know the school routine, which made it an easy hit?

I sat up late last night thinking about the students and faculty.Because I know this a hard tragedy to process.

This disturbed young man did leave a manifesto, which was found in his car.The letter stated that he was a loner, no family. “I have been an isolated loner all my life, no girlfriend blah, blah, blah.”

So, this gave him the rights to go do what he had done?I don’t think so.

He had a car, and a place to stay. So, he had to have some connections with the world-somebody.

There is more to this young man’s motives. And we really won’t know the truth because he is dead. In addition, how did he get a hold of 600 rounds of ammunition and a rifle?

Who was this teen working with or being manipulated by?There is more to this story, because St. Louis just doesn’t have mass shootings like this.

There was contact made to the mom of a young student who is recuperating in the hospital. As a result, from this young man jumping out a 2nd floor window and sustaining gun shots and broken bones.

I would like to make contact with them soon and offer some help. We need to show them that they will be ok and we are St. Louis and will prevail.

Prayers for Central Visual and Performing Arts High School

Rest in Peace:

Family/St. Louis Metropolitan Police
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