When I last interviewed the Prince of R&B in St Louis, he was making wave during the pandemic and creating new music. In that interview, he never said anything about creating a hot sauce concoction called Monster Sauce STL.

So when I found out this creative genius had a new sauce, I had to get the dip. He is actually doing pretty well with it. I am seeing people hitting him up left and right to get bulk orders.

Me myself, I have my own sauce I use, but it is homemade and not for sell. So, I salute him and many other locals in St Louis, who are making spicy sauces for you to enjoy with your meal.

His story:

I, Gregory “Stringz EMB” Bowdry, stand as the owner, creator, and operator of Monster Sauce STL (est. 2021).
As a vocal recording artist from St. Louis, Mo, my main passion is progressing my artistry & creation.

Monster Sauce STL was developed because of my genuine love for food and hot sauce. People who personally love me, know I’m am about flavor & spice.

I’ve been making my own hot sauce for years. Before that, I was the guy who purchased every type of hot sauce from every grocery store in every city we visited.

Earlier this year, we visited Mexico & I brought along the sauce that I made. We met a beautiful family while there, shout out to Tim Lamont & his tribe.

He tried my sauce & instantly said, “bro, if you sell this, you won’t have to work again! This is FIRE!” That conversation movitated me to stop playing around. At that moment, I reached out to my graphic designer & from there, Monster Sauce STL was created.

Monster Sauce because a few years ago, my daughter, now 8-years-old, came running out of her room. She said that she was afraid because a monster was in her room. I went in, looked under her bed, & told her, there’s nothing there.

I then told her that there’s no need to be afraid of monsters, because WE are the monsters. From then on, we’ve become the self-proclaimed Monster Family & Monster Sauce STL is our sauce.

It’s “a chaotically controlled concoction of SPICY peppers & tropical fruit!”

It’s the spiciest, yet tastiest sauce on the market. The spice kicks you in the back of the throat, but the tropical fruit calms it so it doesn’t linger. It’s the perfect mix of flavor & heat.

A lot of spicy sauces are just heat, but what’s the point of that? 

We vowed to bring you the perfect blend. It’s a burn that you become addicted to. Kinda like a sun tan.

There you have it folks, now get in touch with Stringz now and grab a bottle or two.

Try it now.
So…….. have you attempted the #MonsterSauceSTLchallenge yet?๐Ÿ‘น๐ŸŒถ๐Ÿ˜‹
@monstersaucestlMonster Sauce STLhttps://iosonothebrand.com/products/monster-sauce

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