I was looking through my old roommates AARP The Magazine.They know I love Halle Berry, the mixed-breed Academy Award winning actress.

Since I am years before 50, I decided to look inside and see what was going on in her life.Moreover, I am not old yet, but can I still enjoy the magazine?

It talks about Halle’s new love, great kids, happy home and booming career.And it touched based on emphasizing how she dig deep to make life right.

At 50, why hasn’t her life always been right?Why it took her to get to the half way point of her life, to make it right?

Well lets see, Halle has been involved in some traumatic relationships, one with baseball legend David Justice and the other with an abuser who busted her eardrum.

So, let’s not assume after she has made the right love choices, that this is the reason why everything is right now. Let’s just say maybe health wise, she is taking care of her physical well being.

Halle Berry

I published an article yesterday about Self-care, so it is safe to say, yes Halle is taking care of self.

Moreover, her two kids are keeping her plenty busy.Halle also received raved reviews for her latest project the high kicking movie Bruised.

In the film she is a down and out mixed martial art (MMA) fighter Jackie Justice, who is in an abusive relationship.

According to AARP, the shocking violent film, echoes what Halle had experienced in her younger years.

Now, let’s get back to the beauty of Halle.She is from a white mother and black father.

During her interview, Halle doesn’t say much about her interracial parents and her beauty from it. So, it is safe to say, she just wants to live a normal black woman’s life.

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