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Summer is just down the road, and it is always time to discuss elder and disabled care. Caregiving is the fastest growing industry as our elders and disabled need more services.

Whether it is a parent struggling with Alzheimer’s, slight dementia, advanced cancer; disabled handicapped child or a frail spouse. Most of the time the caregiver is a family member.

There are so many programs available to help families who just don’t have the time or resources.Like, CDS, this is when an agency hires a family member to help with the loved ones. They become a staff member; patient must have Medicare, low income.

While the family member must register with Missouri Safety registry. So, they do not have to be a nurse or certified aide.

I was reading the AARP Bulletin, and CEO Joann Jenkins had a special note about the subject. She pointed out The Crisis Everyone Must Face, when a family member times comes for long term care.

I have been in the nursing game for a very long time. And I can tell you it has its ups and down. The pay is ok and sometimes you become part of the family.

In some aspects, the family just can’t afford the agency. So, after the legal technical effect, you can become the private care giver.

In turns, you get to hear a lot and see much. The constant bickering that goes between family members. After agency, they still fuss about who is in charge of the money or estate.

Most families opt for nursing homes, when there is just nothing that they can do. Then you have the family members who moved away from the elders, and chose 24/7 staffing agencies.

Whatever the case may be, our elders need our attention. The summer months are the most imperative, due to the fact the days are longer. An older person is restless and tend to become depress.

For the elders whose mind are still sharped yet they still need attending to. Take them for a drive, buy them puzzles and games; set up an online free casino site app or take them out to eat on occasions.

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