The American and European fashion world are shocked to have learned that a ground breaking black designer has died. Virgil Abloh 41, was the founder of the very lucrative Off White brand.

His achievements

He founded Off White, an Italian (Milan) fashion label incorporated in 2012. And he was a longtime collaborator with Kanye West, helping to hone the eccentric’s artist’s image and DONDA line.

Primarily known for his work on menswear, Abloh’s influence often stretched into other fields. He debuted his take on furniture design in 2017 and on vehicle design last year with Mercedes-Benz. In May, he was the designer for the poet Amanda Gorman’s appearance on the cover of Vogue.

He was also the artistic director of the world renowned fashion company Louis Vuitton. His death was conveyed by a secret battle with cancer.

In 2019, the doctors ordered him to take a break. But, he continued to take charge of several significant institutions that spans fashion, art and culture.


Bernard Arnault CEO of LV

According to the CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Bernard stated that he indeed had battled the disease for several years. While he was taking charge of several significant institutions that spans fashion art and culture.

“We are all shocked after this terrible news. Virgil was not only a genius designer, a visionary, he was also a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom”

Lastly, Louis Vuitton has a 60% stake in Off White.

About his cancer

Cardiac angiosarcoma is a rare aggressive form of cancer. The disease starts in the right upper chamber of the heart (atrium). as the tumor blocks blood flow in and out of the heart.

Survival rate is 5% and very poor, for 5 years.

Surviving Family

Wife, two kids and parents

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