December 25, 2021

Young Lives matter: A look at Chicago’s only teen jewelry designer Jason Rogers

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Photo By:Fatz tha Jeweler

His designs include Sterling Silver, white gold, and diamonds, which you can buy in his store.

In Chicago, some jewelry shops have been on Jeweler’s Row, since way before he was born. However, 14-year-old Jason Rogers is quickly making a name fo himself.

His proud parents had ceated an LLC fo him, two years ago. Because, they saw so much potential in their son. even by landing him a jewelry apprenticeship.

The teen is boss afterschool, because his older cousin watches the store. His shop Fatz tha Jeweler, his nickname, is located in the Diamond District of Chicago, Illinois.

His one of a kind pieces starts at $25 to $50,000. As a result, he currently has multi-platinum artists like Freddie Gibbs and Polo G catching in awe of his work.

The 8th grader is such a high spirited kid at a shop designing custom pieces and setting diamonds after school. Just recently, he was also featured on Fox 32 Chicago news.

His designs include Sterling Silver, white gold, and diamonds, which you can buy in his store. Chicago is known for surging crime statistics and skyscrapers with cold nights.

Yet, Jason is turning his attention to a better life for himself and possibly a career that will have him many other stores in the future. Such a remarkable accomplishment for a young man not even in high school.

Because most kids do not have time finish school and are in trouble before they turn 16. Jason has taken an online dream and made it all the way to the Diamond District on Jewelry Row, in Chicago.

Address: Fatz tha Jeweler, 19 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60602

Check out more of his work on the video that is following this heartwarming story. Jason will be an inspiration for every young life in Chicago and around the nation.

If you are on Instagram, you may also follow him by clicking here.


Courtesy of Fatz the Jeweler Puma Pop Up (w / Tarik Cohen & Henry Arts)

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