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Andrea can't wait to get back on the rails once she fully recovers.

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As we all prepare for another surge of Covid-19, and the Delta variant that follows. There are people who choose not to be vaccinated and then there are some who are vaccinated.

However, I am seeing a lot of people who are vaccinated getting sick as well. While those who are not vaccinated taking a chance and getting very sick, even dying from this pandemic crisis.

I had the opportunity to check in on an extraordinary woman who works in the rail industry. Andrea wanted to share her story on how the symptoms started and how she is coping.

As a rail executive, she is always on the rails making sure our necessities for everyday living gets to point A to B. So they take a lot of chances as essential workers do.

She wanted to let all women of color know that this virus is real. She stated, even though you can practice wearing mask, keeping hand sanitizers available and social distance, the virus can still sneak up on you.

People with underlying health condition such as Andrea, especially need to be cautious at all times. At the end of this interview, I have provided links with valuable information that women of color can use to get through the chains of the uncertain.

Hello, Andrea, I am so glad you had agreed to share some of your journey back to recovery.

No problem, thanks for allowing me to tell my story here.

When did you first notice that something was going wrong?

I started getting Covid-19 symptoms at least a week before July 21st. I was getting a fever, body chills, losing my sense of taste and feeling fatigued.

Now that the shock factor part is over, how are you coping?

 I’m currently recuperating from the Delta variant. Covid-19 has left me using 3.5 liters of oxygen continuously. I’m also very fatigued with very low energy.

Ok now that you know what you have faced and what is needed to move forward. Do you see yourself getting vaccinated?
I don’t see myself getting the vaccine any time soon.  But I will always practice safe distancing and wear a mask.

So, are you able to getting out sociably in term trying to gather some normalcy?

With my low energy level and having to use oxygen continuously, I’ve not returned to the social scene.  Maybe once my lungs start to heal and my breathing is a lot better I may partake in social (outside) events.

Are your friends and family stepping up to the plate to assist you?

Family and friends have been super supportive helping in my recovery. Yes, one friend took off from work, flew to my work site to come help me drive home. My lungs were so ravished, that I couldn’t drive alone.

They are also helping me shop for groceries and taking them upstairs to my apartment. Some family/friends members are cooking and dropping food off for me.  This virus almost left me unable to take care of myself. 

But I thank God that he seen something different for my future.  Please take this virus seriously. Your life can be over in a matter of seconds for not being safe and wearing a mask.

Wow, I am so glad that you are on the positive road toward recovery. Yes God has plans for you. He always uses one of his soldiers to instill knowledge in others.

Take care and thanks for sharing a moment with The Narrative Matters, because your story matters…

No problem, I appreciate you guys telling our story and helping the people of color.

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