During these past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken numerous lives and destroyed many families. At the same time, there has been another deadly epidemic that has surfaced right under our noses.

Hip Hop has grown over the years to become a vital part of today’s television, music, and fashion, but these days it seems like it’s becoming more and more dangerous to be in the profession of being a rapper.

Last year alone 200 rappers died. Yes, that’s correct, that is not a typo, you heard me right 200 rappers.  These rappers have died from either disease, drugs, and the majority of them have died from senseless gun violence. Unfortunately, this year has been the same.

 The list of underground rappers who have died this year hasn’t been compiled yet, but a downward spiral of deaths has happened as we close out this year. We have lost 19 notable rappers that we know of. Being a hip-hop artist myself, I’m appalled at all the deaths that have taken place in the music industry.

Not since the Biggie and Tupac murders have we seen such catastrophic deaths in the music industry. I believe ego is a key component in these deaths along with the pressure of gaining and sustaining success.

Social Media has played a big part in a multitude of rappers’ deaths over the past years. A lot of these artists don’t know how to separate reality from the make-believe world.

One thing is for certain, we must come up with a solution to stop the senseless violence that is committed against one another before it is too late. Below is a list of all the rappers who have lost their lives this year.

Baby CEO

Was shot and killed on January 20, 2021

Prince Markie Dee

Passed away on February 18, 2021, from Congestive Heart Failure  


Died April 9, 2021, following a cocaine-induced heart attack at the age of 50

Black Rob,

Former Bad Boy artist died of cardiac arrest on April 17, 2021 

Shock G, 

The former Digital Underground Humpty Hump rapper died April 27, 2021, of fentanyl and alcohol overdose.

Lil Loaded

Committed suicide by shooting himself on May 31, 2021

 KTS Dre

Was ambushed, shot, and killed as he was released from jail on July 10, 2021

Biz Markie

Died July 16, 2021, from Type2  Diabetes

Courtesy of  Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

 Indian Red boy

Was shot and killed while sitting in his car on Instagram live on July 17, 2021


Was shot and killed on July 29, 2021  

Chucky Thompson

Died August 9, 2021, of Covid

YNT Juan

The Wu-Tang affiliate was shot and killed in a parked car on Aug 10, 2021 


Another Wu-Tang affiliate was shot and killed on Aug 12, 2021 


Passed away tragically on October 11, 2021 

Yung Kece

Was shot and killed on Oct 31, 2021

Young Dolph

Was shot and killed Nov 17, 2021, at Makeda’s Cookie shop 


Slim 400

Was shot and killed on Dec 8, 2021 

Kangol Kid

Died Dec 18, 2021, due to complications from Stage four colon cancer

Drakeo The Ruler

Was stabbed to death on Dec 18, 2021, at a musical festival.

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